The Tea-Tax Tempest – or Old time with his Magick-Lanthern [sic].
[1783]; Pubd March 12, 1783 by W. Humphreys. [sic] No 227 Strand, (27 x 38 cm)

Engraving featuring the figure of Father Time projecting a scene onto a curtain using a lantern mounted on a globe. In front and watching the scene are three women – Britannia, Hibernia and Scotia (who CPDBM indicates are Europe, Asia and Africa). To the left is a Native American woman with bow and arrows looking at the image as well. Father Time is describing the scene on the wall to the women, “There you see the little Hot Spit Fire Tea pot that has done all the mischief…”. The scene projected onto the wall features a teapot and beneath are stamped documents ablaze. To the left is a cock using bellows to keep the embers going. To the right are Americans and troops with a flag charging; to the left are British soldiers fleeing.