Artist Fabian de Castro "El Gyptano"

Fabian de Castro, Spanish artist, sculptor, guitarist, born in Jaen Spain in 1868, died in Paris France in 1948, friend of Picasso (pages 296, 302:


24.03.2022 21:16

Pascale Palmer

21.10.2021 12:45

Pascale Palmer

I have bought what might be a Fabian de Castro at a local auction. Could I share an image for your thoughts?

21.10.2021 19:12


Please do!

18.01.2021 17:25


I have a Fabian de Castro painting very close to yours, with the orange carriers. Here is a picture :

21.10.2021 19:12


Beautiful! I love it. It ties in with his description of his childhood.

13.09.2020 18:12

Mike Green

Hi Flora - In your grandfather's papers is there any mention of Fenella Lovell? She was a model and a friend of Augustus John from 1907 and lived in Paris from 1908/9. She claimed to be a Gypsy.

07.08.2019 16:05

Mike Green

Thanks, Flora, for sharing these wonderful things! May I ask who was your great-grandfather? Another friend of de Castro (and Cole) was the artist Augustus John who did a portrait of Fabian in c1911

07.08.2019 22:29


Hi Mike, my great-grandfather was Royall Tyler ( I have manuscripts based on his early life story.

31.03.2017 13:04


oh, it is amazing! And how did you arrive to Fabian de Castro?

31.03.2017 17:07


He was one of my great-grandfather's best friends. He is even a witness on my grandfather's birth certificate. I come across things if his periodically. Wonderful character!

30.03.2017 13:05

patricia molins

could you please tell me where have you found this works? Congratulations for your page!

30.03.2017 20:04


Dear Patricia,

Thank you for the kind words. These are my own possessions. I created the page because I know most of them have never been seen by the outside world and I wanted to share them.